This is Ashkenazi, Talmud, Protocols of Zion, Communist, Lockstep, Agenda 21, Event 201, Covid ZIO BIO mass murder.  As reported and thoroughly documented by the most brilliant Dr. David E. Martin, author of The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier, the Rothschild Cabal has been planning this Christian Genocide for well over twenty years.  In a nutshell, this Jewish Diabolical Plan aims to poison one-half the world’s population – then blame the unvaxxed Christians for this plague.




Your current dilemma is this: Supremacist Jews now rule over you worthless goyim, as described, advocated, and planned in the Babylonian Talmud. All is being accomplished by the largest psyops (lie) in the history of the world, where logic is the enemy and truth is the menace.  Rothschild Covid/Vaxx is all about Jewish Sorcery, Jewish Witchcraft, Jewish Deceit, and Jewish Manipulation dominating their forte: FAKE NEWS brought to you by FAKE JEWS.  All is aimed at Jewish humiliation, domination, and extermination of you worthless goy.  Jewish Globalist Billionaires are employing dominance, censorship, and propaganda.  All TV-watching goy and Christian Zionists are now under the deep spell of Jewish Warlocks, working at the Tavistock Institute in London.


Jews have made America to become psychotic – the Vaxx Psychosis conjured by the Jewish Witchcraft Death Cult, as it now employs the (hive mind) Spell over America, the church, and the world.  Call this Jewish Medical Sorcery.  This is the infamous Jew-Gypsy carnival slight-of-hand of yesteryear, now over America and the world – utilizing Big Pharma coercion to force-feed this Spike Protein Poison Vaxx upon all duped and careless people.  And thus, valid science must now bow to Jewish Warlocks.  The mass media, government, and medical institutions now serve the Jewish Occult, which has – by their scheming, deceit, and fraud, including bribery, threat, and intimidation cast this devilish spell over Zionist-occupied America.





From inception, to drone attack, and now into the upper arm of the careless, this is and has been a Jewish-engineered pathogen, entirely created and synthetically modified by Jewish Warlocks and their agents under contract.  THE ROTHSCHILD/GOG BIOWEAPON, as prophesied by Ezekiel. The most lethal medical product ever concocted by man or demon.  Jewish Mafia Bagman Anthony Fauci has approved over $800 billion taxpayer funds to perfect this ZIO BIO weapons system.  He and Bill Gates, thugs of the Jews, are now history’s most prolific mass murderers.  They and the Jews have 73 patents on this Corona Poison, much of it designed by computer.  Neither Paula White’s tears or Clay Clark’s infecundity can reverse the curse.




You are being hoodwinked and victimized by the Rothschild Cabal Medical Mafia.  This Big Jew, Big Pharma, Big Media equals THE BIG LIE. The Big Lie conjured up by Jewish Psychotic Serial Killers.  These Big Jews have turned Big Pharma/Big Medicine into BIG GENOCIDE, The Big Death Machine riding the Pale Horse. All involved medical institutions are being paid Jewish Blood Money (stolen from the U.S. Treasury).  Henceforth, the health care system now serves the Jewish Mafia, rather than the welfare of the American people.  Tragically, this has fundamentally transformed today’s hospitals into death camps, as initiated by the Chicago Bathhouse Boy.  And thus, mainstream medicine now serves the warlocks of the Jewish Death Cult, and the Christians haven’t a clue as to  the Jew poisoning the stew.


The Jewish Mafia now controls every level of federal government, science, and medicine, including the White House, DOJ, FBI, CDC, AMA, NIH, and FDA.  All are now part of the Jewish Criminal Regime.  All are rogue elements of Jewish Organized Crime and have become essentially domestic terrorist organs of the Jewish Mafia.  Oh, and your Jewish Witch of Disinformation, Deceit, Disease, and Death is none other than CDC  (Center for Disease Creation) Director Rochelle Walensky, whose husband has received millions of dollars in payouts from Bagman Fauci.  This Jewish Witch is currently setting up death camps for all unvaxxed Christians.