PENTECOST 5996 edition (page one of 65) 





Here is your Tribulation Half-Time Report, sponsored by God Almighty, now dispensing knowledge, wisdom, and sound judgment, free of charge – simply follow the dictates of Rife the Great, coming to a computer near you.  Now we shall fully expose, this is the Biden Dog and Phony Show, brought to you by Jewish Gypsies, who have an eye on your wallet.


First, a word from America’s Pastor, John MacArthur:




Here’s your halftime warning: Forty days for Nineveh and those who didn’t know their right hand from the left; and now, forty days for America, who no longer knows a man from a woman.


During these FORTY DAYS, large-scale binding and loosening is to be done, setting the Eternal into proper order.  Thus, this Rife Report now takes precedence over all other ministries, save the John MacArthur (JM) Family of Anointed Pastors.  For the sinner, Bus, Box, or Body Bag – you choose.


Second half strategy: Radical Love demands hatred for sin, disdain for antichrist Jews, and heroism from Christians.  Herein, you will learn the difference between lynching and hanging: Rife the Great.


Oh, and another thing, let’s dispense with the pleasantries, RTG is David Duke, Kanye West, and Nick Fuentes on Holy Spirit steroids.  Why?  Because you have offended the God of RTG.


This Rife RICO now investigates Khazarian Racketeering and prosecutes all Jewish Globalists, accordingly, all who war against RTG are headed for a body bag.  Execution Day approaches.  This day for executing the world.  Henceforth, prophecy is not an option, rather a duty.


RIFE IS HIGH I.Q. PROPHETIC.  By this Rife Work, the Saints are sealed, the Jews are killed, and the cowards are revealed.


By this word of RTG, God’s Ninth Inning Closer, Rothschild/Gog now implodes economically, then explodes militarily – I contend earnestly for the Faith that was once delivered to the Saints.  RTG is not racial superiority, rather Graceful Servitude, forty-years of being a Watchman on the Wall.


By my 40 years of being the Watchman over San Francisco, the case for America’s Prosecution has now been awarded to RTG, and make no mistake, Rife is ANOINTED to Bend of Ark of History.  As such, your standard of judgment is RTG.  Rife is not misinformation, rather, Mr. Information – the Porter on Watch, takes a licking and keeps on ticking.


While Justice goes vertical; your case is prosecuted by RTG.  Rife Justice at Dawn.  The Russian worldview births the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ; the Jewish Evil ends in the Rife Prison, awaiting the 7K Tribunals.  Quite simply, I am here to destroy Ashkenazi Evil.




Israel, and now the U.S., are the two main sponsors of terrorism in the world, and shall be overthrown by the Rife SWORD.  While, SBF, after his arrest for stealing billions of dollars, claims he is a victim of anti-Semitism.  Let’s work out the details.





God upholds the Divine Order, and all his law and commandments, throughout time.  His Church Age is no more; now Rife introduces the Kingdom Age, Firstfruits. Fittingly, this is the get-your-affairs-in-order time.


JOHN MACARTHUR: America is a nation under judgment.


Rife rightly divides the Word of Truth – the sanctifying power of the Truth, revealed in the Holy Bible.  Now, truth is the Rife Sword of Justice, shattering your Overton Window, exposing your Politically Correct, enlarging your Normalcy Bias, and demolishing your Woke Joke.


And my back of the envelope calculations, minus the coffee stain, reveal, by this Rife Indictment, God is now preparing the world for his fire.  Your Fire is the Rife Truth, returned to burn Jews and Children of the Jews.  One Hour of Truth destroys the Entire Jewish Conspiracy – yep, another bank run in the making.


Most important, the Rife Remnant receives joy and relief, at the Rife Truth, because the Rife Saints are convicted of the Truth of God.  As Rife prophesies, God will lead you into all Truth and show you the evils which come quickly.  God shall now teach you all Rife Truths, and bring all lost Truths to your remembrance.


Until now, your hearts are molded by Jewish Lies, and programmed by Jewish Trauma/Terror; hence, you have been subverted by fear and forced into the JEWISH LIE-BASED PARADIGM.  Your Worldview, as taught in today’s academia, media, and government is Foul Against Truth. 


Truth is cast down.  As Daniel prophesied, the truth is cast down to the LGBTQ ground.  Regarding your Jewish Masters, any religion founded on the rejection of Jesus Christ can never possess one element of Truth.  As expertly annunciated by Putin the Great : “They drowned the truth in an ocean of myths, illusions, and fakes, using propaganda and lies.”


Until you receive the Rife Truth, you will never receive Rife Deliverance.  Yet, as you diligently seek out this Rife Truth, you are rewarded with Deliverance from the son of perdition rampage.


The United States descends into darkness, while Holy Russia ascends towards the Light of Christ.  Christian Civilization, now established in Holy Russia, defends truth; Jewish Babylon Darkness defends lies, subversion, and deception.  And while, this Rife Prosecution is based on God’s Natural Law, all Rife Judgments are transparent, honest, and just.