This is not fantasy nor speculation; yet, because Rife speaks the truth, you fail to believe.  Nonetheless, here is the Rife Amplified Version including all inconvenient truths.  Here we enter upon the Forbidden Subject (JEWISH CONSPIRACY), which only the Steadfast Stalwart can adequately confront, gain clear understanding, then go forth as a Warrior for Jesus Christ.  Read on at your own peril – of losing your own life, that you might gain eternal glory in the Kingdom.


Let the women learn in silence with all subjection.





The World Economic Forum, as well as the Bilderberger Meetings, are Jewish Events, where they plan strategy to implement the Protocols of the Elders of Zion Plot to enslave the world.  And while, this war is not right vs left, as much as it is Christian Righteousness vs Jewish Wickedness, the average American cannot fathom the deadly gall of the Jews.  And regarding FAKE NEWS brought to you by FAKE JEWS, Jewish/CNN quotes have nothing to do with Rife Reality.


And right on schedule, the Jewish Pedophiles at Disney have released “Little Demon” – about an antichrist child of Satan, prelude to the son of perdition.  And you suffer the Absolute Evil and Insanity of Jewish Drag Shows inviting youth to attend.  Now you know why the American Founding Fathers fingered the Jews and nearly outlawed their entry into the United States – banishing them as have 109 countries throughout righteous history.


Make no mistake, the entire Book of Revelation is an Indictment of Fraudulent Jewish Power, from the Synagogue of Satan, to the Whore of Babylon, and on to AshkeNAZI-occupied Jerusalem, portrayed as Sodom (Magog Rainbow) and Egypt (sorcery of the Jewish Occult).  In correlation, Lucifer’s Jewish Supremacist Warlocks now control nearly all vital systems – via Mafia Control of the American People.


The San Francisco Witches, Silly Cones, former Speaker of the House, and Ho Harris, Obama’s whore, will now secure the complete demise of the USA.  Yep, your Billy Graham Falling Away now brings the House Nigger of the Jews to worldwide power.  Russia is the Final Katechon; the Zionist-occupied USA is Antichrist.


And while the most dangerous place for a child is in a feminist’s womb, Jews, feminists, lesbians, and butt-boy homos cause you to err.  Consequently, God denounces all feminists, lesbians, and they/them Jews.  Jews and their Children of Wrath are guilty by way of insanity, while the U.S. Army is stealing Syria’s oil.





Jews have brought legions of demons to America.  If you haven’t already figured this out, get this once and for all time: Jews are the BUTT of every joke.


JOHN MACARTHUR: Seduced into believing lies.


Christianity has fallen into apostasy, politics have corrupted, and the Jews think the bounty is their gain.  Mr. Rogue/Biden, after passing the Inflation Reduction Act: “The future of America is bright.”  Pelosi: “Such a beautiful name for all it does.”  Silly Cones is just another silly and sick lesbian whore.


Puppet Biden: You are not going to get Covid after you take these vaccines.


Puppet Fauci: When people get the vaccine they can feel safe that they are not going to get infected.


Super Jew, Chief Witch, Rachael Mad Cow: “The virus stops with each vaccinated person.”


You CNN, Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC-watching dullards are sleep-walking into catastrophe; The Great Deception is now upon you.  All major media newscasters are the Voice of the Jewish Cult, including Tucker Carlson (stolen election denier, Covid conspiracy denier) at Faux News.  He is Controlled Opposition making 35 million a year to peddle Jewish Lies to faux conservatives.


Meanwhile, Catherin Austin Fitts calculates, to date, 96 TRILLION have been stolen from the American people, and this Luciferian Misfire continues, as 96% of the Democrats have taken the JEW JAB poison, Europe commits energy suicide, and the Ukraine is the latest failed state.  Your 40-year Dilemma is that you have been deceived by Zionist Jews and Zionist Christians, therefore, you are void of Truth.


Jews are experts at propaganda, disinformation, and reflexive-control tactics – hoodwinking America unto spiritual blindness by distorting perception of reality, making you unable to see, and unwilling to look for truth.  Henceforth, this decadent and decaying Zionist-occupied America is too stupid to be called stupid.


You Americans think you are the most brilliant people in the world; truth is, you are the most propagandized people in the world – and most tragically, you haven’t a clue regarding this Deception.  After 70,000 hours of Jew TV, all you know is immorality, deception, and disinformation.


Sadly, you are going to suffer complete defeat, until you acknowledge who is your real enemy.  Brazenly, your pastors and preachers are scornful of the Holy Spirit’s Doctrine.  The Clay Clark Confounded.  Laodicean Lackeys.  Confused, perplexed, damned.  All Laodicean Lackeys flounder in your efforts, because revivals don’t happen in churches, rather in spite of your lukewarm churches.

You’ve got the tin foil hat; Rife the Great has the Crown of Knowledge and the License to practice Law – God’s Law.  Rife Common Sense is dollars ahead.  Yep, Rife Common Sense is worth more than the Jewish Dollar.


So, here’s your halftime scouting report: If you knew the Word of God, you would immediately follow Rife the Great.  Christian freedom vs Jewish slavery.  RTG moves quickly, and with little patience; yep, Rife has less patients than a bombed out Ukrainian hospital (full of Jewish Nazi Terrorists hiding behind the apron strings).