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The Rife Remedy

For The ZIO BIO Plandemic




King Solomon wrote, To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the sun.  Newness in each generation is mere rhythm to God, as He knows the end from the beginning, and governs the world via ultimate justice.  He has no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his sin and live.  For every sin there is a remedy, saith the Lamb, slain from the foundation of the world.  Even before the creation of the universe, God had made provisional remedy for man’s sin, and his Son, Jesus Christ fulfilled his Will, by taking on our sins as the ultimate remedy for our sinful condition. 


And what of COVID-19?  Pestilence is punishment for sin; yet, justice demands remedy to parallel affliction, for far be it for God to slay the righteous with the wicked.  The duty of the prophet is to divide, the righteous from the wicked, therefore empowering Justice to rightfully slay the wicked.  As the prophet divides, he commands judgment upon the wicked, while providing remedy for the righteous.  Even at this day in 2020, God’s prophetic plan supersedes man’s folly.  And as He superintends pestilence, even as it is brought forth by his vessels of wrath, He provides remedy to those with ears to hear and eyes to see.  Hence the Rife Remedy.


From Genesis to Revelation, God has always provided deliverance to all who trust Him and follow Him in obedience.  This generation is no different, even as Terminal Judgment is now on the horizon.  He will now deliver his people from the plagues which will multiply in affliction and intensity, grinding the wicked in cataclysmic punishment.  The Rife Remedy entails his Plan of deliverance from the judgment which will now terminate the wicked of America and the world.  His Bride shall now arise in Government, putting all enemies under her feet – the Firstfruits of the Christian New World Order.  At the leadership of the prophet, she shall willingly show forth and command power over the wicked and their demonic masters.  Rife commands this deliverance, beginning in the Great State of Texas.


Remedy demands repentance, which must entail Reformation of culture, society, and government, as well as church.  Rife provides the way to Repentance, Revival, Reformation, and finally Restoration, as the promised Restitution of all things – now beginning in Texas, soon to be known as New Texas.  This deliverance demands diligence and proactive governance, as God brings forth the righteous from throughout guilty America.  Hence, the Window of Deliverance is now opened, yet for only a fraction of time.  Every saint shall willingly become proactive to the saving of their household, and without time to spare. 


The Rife Remedy lays out Express Circumstance and the Dictates for Deliverance.  Rife calls the righteous out of this Whore America, then he shall attend to the plagues which shall terminate America’s sin.  You will be challenged, confronted, and changed; never will you again view the world with your blinders of the past.  Whatever your present position, place, or predicament, Rife has your Remedy from the plagues coming against America and the world.  Consider this your invitation to join God as He separates the righteous from the wicked, prior to his Day of Wrath.

Rife covers all details, exposing the wicked and their plot to enslave you in their New World Order.  Yet, it is the wicked who shall slay themselves – even as the Rife Remnant is delivered from wrath, just according to the New Reformation, to now be emplaced by Rife the Great, in NEW TEXAS.



RIFE FIRE — San Francisco


Gavin Newsom’s Door swung wide open!!

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