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The Rife Execution

Policing the world in the aftermath of Jew Coup 4.2



Three thousand years ago, ancient Israel was at the impasse which America now finds itself.† The government of Ahab and Jezebel had outlawed religion, shut down the houses of worship, and was in the process of stealing the country.† The last straw, for God, was when they stole Nabothís vineyard in a plot which included murder.† Against this criminal enterprise God raised up Elijah the prophet who sat in judgment against the government, calling forth a multi-year drought, fire down from heaven thrice, and finally, pronouncing the gruesome death of both tyrants, being eaten by wild dogs, and the killing of all 70 sons of Ahab Ė their heads delivered to the city gate as proof of the due judgment.† Gruesome times, indeed.

Today, America is the Vineyard of God which is being stolen by a cabal of globalists.† They have stolen elections, rights, freedoms, and the Presidency.† Now God raises up Rife the Great.† His Mission: to identify, indict, prosecute, and execute all plotters that now war against Godís Vineyard.† Their plot is foolhardy, panicked, and doomed because Rife has been awarded the Mantle of Elijah, calling fire down from Heaven.† So now the war ensues, and a lot of people are doomed, while others can yet extricate themselves from becoming criminals against God, and suffering gruesome death.† The Plot Against America includes nearly all power brokers in WDC, nearly all Major Media and Social Media, and many of the powerful corporations in America.† The Primary Culprit: the ADL Soros, crime, syndicate which has corrupted all government.† Several of these mobsters will now face execution.† The list includes the ADL, Facebook, Google, Twitter, You Tube, Pay Pal, Apple among others.†

Fire shall fall on Magog by the Bay and death shall consume Magog Valley all the way to San Jose and on to Austin.† Question is: will Amazon join with the gangsters by falling in league with the campaign against truth Ė or will this great company continue to make the RIFE BOOKS fully available to the world.† All powerful entities that war against Rife shall be reduced to rubble and death; while all companies that stay in common commerce with Rife the Great shall receive Godís blessing.† The blessing or the curse awaits Amazonís decision; to date, this great company is producing to the world all FIVE RIFE BOOKS which explain express circumstance in truth, forthrightness, hope, and justice.† Rife shows what has brought us to this crisis in his historical THE RIFE SUMMATION (two volumes).† Then follow, THE TEXAS REFORMATION, THE RIFE SUMMATION, and the RIFE REMEDY.† THE RIFE EXECUTION now ties it all together by presenting Godís Justice in dealing with this theft of his Vineyard.†

The entire message is balanced throughout, showing judgment/mercy, severity/grace, and now terrible demise/sanctioned deliverance.† Every library and study in America and the world should have a copy of each volume, and soon most will.† And those who follow through with the Rife Dictates for Deliverance shall enjoy just that: deliverance from the wrath to come against this criminal enterprise overtaking Godís Vineyard: America.

Special thanks are given to Amazon for not buckling to pressure to drop the Rife Books, due to stealth coercion coming from the banking cabal destroying America.† Any attempt to cancel this flow of information, as contained in the Rife Books, any attempt to drop the line and not make it available to the people of the world, and any attempt to censure Rife the Great will bring the breakup and destruction of this twenty-billion-dollar gem of a corporation.† The Eyes of God are on every power player, every corporate position, and every debate, decision, and agreement.†

The world can be most thankful that Amazon will choose the Right Course by providing excellent service to the world by advertising, producing, mailing, and providing this key knowledge contained in the Rife book set.† The High Road is massive profits with Rife the Great; the low road burns in wrath.† Choose wisely.

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