Yet once more, God now shakes the Land of Texas, to remove all people who are shaken, and to Restore all Saints who cannot be shaken.  Repent!  Stand therefore!  For the angels of the Lord have entered Texas, marking the cowards, the craven, and the conspirators – those who wear diapers on their face, social distance, and take the Jew Jab – the Jewstown Kool-Aid.  All are now marked for death, having consumed and/or administered the Jew Jab Poison.  America is judged and only Rife Texas shall survive, in Restoration Victory.


For the Lord has commanded me, Rife the Great, to set my face towards Gog/Rothschild, chief prince of the City of London, and his domain of Magog/Mossad, and his Life Gone Bad Terribly and Quickly hoard of cross-eyed reprobates.  You have come against the Christian Mountains of Israel, the USA/Texas being the last to fall to your Jewish/Communist Intrigue.  Do you not know that the Saints of Texas dwell safely?


The Rothschild/Gog/Jewish/Communist EVIL THOUGHT is to slaughter the True Christians of Texas and America; shall not Rife the Great avenge your wicked deeds, conspiring genocide?  Surely in this day there shall be a Great Shaking in the Great State of Texas, Rife now being Chief Proctor bringing in the Christian New World Order.  For God has spoken via Rife the Great, surely in this day there shall be a Great Shaking in the Land of Texas.  For God speaks in the Fire of his Wrath: RIFE FIRE.  The Violent Shaking now commences, destroying the wicked Jews and their communist dupes, rubes, and shills which have invaded the Lone Star State.  God now sends Rife Fire upon the Jewish domain of Magog, beginning in the Great State of Texas.




Rothschild/Gog/Covid is Lucifer’s Gambit to use the Jews to poison the world, becoming the Diablo Jew war against the Christian Saints. The Ultimate Objective is to shut down the life-support system of the planet, to deny Jesus Christ his Kingdom on earth.  Hence, this devil’s brew of poison brought to you by the Jewish Crew of devils – this Genocide Operation brought to you by the Rothschild New World Order cabal, plotting this civilization-level collapse.  JEWISH DEMOCIDE AGAINST TEXAS, AMERICA, AND THE WORLD.


The Jews used nano-thermite to bring down the three 9-11 towers (see THE RIFE SUMMATION); now they are using nano-graphene oxide to bring down Americans.  And as reported in THE RIFE REMEDY, this Covid poisoning has been designed to run cover for the Rothschild bankruptcy, as they raid the U.S. Treasury of all remaining equity – the Repo Market, is currently $1.6 TRILLION in the red each and every night.  Rothschild Covid is cover for massive dollar creation, thereby stealing America and destroying the dollar, to make way for the JNWO (Jewish New World Order), which RTG now destroys.


To accomplish their nefarious goals, the Jews have concocted the Greatest Fraud in the history of mankind – which is Strong Delusion, a curse awarded by God, because Americans now hate the Rife Truth.  All is pushed by Big Jew Media and Big Jew Medical.  Furthermore, you Christians are destroyed because of your Zionist Idolatry and thus, lack of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.  All Christian Zionists are victims of Jewish Devils – doctrines of devils, the chief being Ashkenazi Zionism.


To accomplish their Devilish Monstrosity, the Jews are preying on your prevailing spirit of stupor.  In the larger context, God is judging the church, and doing this before the entire world.  Indeed, the ignorance of Christians and the guile of Jews equals manufactured hysteria, causing worldwide genocide.  And mark this word: this entire Covid/Vaxx operation is an Outlaw Jewish Campaign, to now be destroyed by Rife the Great.  And in this context, the battle is between Jewish Mental Illness destroying the world, verses Christian Triumph, destroying the Jews.  Henceforth, Rife Justice now prevails over Jew-duped America.  Always remember, of the millions that lived during Noah’s day, only eight survived.  And of the six who were warned before Sodom’s burning, only three survived.