Make no mistake, this nightmare is all about Jewish service to Satan, as all Jewish power is rooted in demonism, child sacrifice, and blood ritual.  All Jews are demonic, as are all Democrats.  Hence, every synaGOGue in America is the Synagogue of Satan, prepared to fulfill the Rothschild/Gog mandate to poison the Careless Rubes of the world, as spoken by the prophet Ezekiel.  You are suffering the Jewish Synagogue of Satan drive to end Christian Civilization, and in a matter of months.




This Jewish Vaxx is Jewish Blood Sacrifice, fueling this Jewish Death Cult against science, the American people, and God Himself.  The Jews have a Covenant with Death, riding a Pale Horse.  And all is born out of the myth of Jewish Supremacy and their ill-mandated brutal attack against the goy/chattel/cattle of the world (that be YOU), as written in all their secret and semi-secret literature. 


Better yet, this Rothschild Cabal is Obama’s Death Panel, put into deadly practice.  This is not just science medicine, rather Jewish séance dupery.  All Jewish Warlocks/Globalists are psychopathic serial killers, supported in intrigue by an army of Jewish Psychopaths running Big Media, Big Government, and Big Pharma/Medicine.  All comprise the Jewish Cult/Occult of Pharmakeia, Rothschild/Gog being the Chief Mastermind.  The Rothschilds have commissioned the Jewish Globalists to poison the world, while all roads lead to the son of perdition cult, by way of Ho Harris, Willy’s Whore, now married to a Jewish Scum/Globalist.  All are in post-Trump hysteria, rushing to prepare for Lucifer 2023 (see THE RIFE SUMMATION).




In centuries past, the psycho Jews poisoned water wells; now they poison directly via the Jew Jab.  Ultimately, the only valid variant attacking America is the Jew Variant, as fueled by Jewish Hubris, contempt for Christians.  Did I say, Jews are mass-murdering psychopaths?  This is JEWISH ZIO BIO TERRORISM. This is psychopathic and sociopathic Jews fulfilling their supremacist Talmud mandate to cull the herd, as annunciated by useful idiot Bill Gates in his TED talks, etc.


Yes, dear reader, make no mistake, this is the Jewish Extermination of all Christians, as advocated in the Jewish Talmud, Jewish Protocols of Zion, and the Jewish Communist Manifesto (as reported in all Rife books – R.L. Rife on Amazon).  You are suffering Jewish ZIO BIO warfare against humanity.  Jewish Psychopaths are now moving to destroy Christian Civilization.  To the Jews, you are useless eaters – near-worthless cattle in need of a Great Culling.  The result will be two billion deaths, at the hand of Psychopathic Jews, riding their Pale Horse.




JEWISH TREASON AGAINST AMERICA.  The Jewish Death Cult engineered genocide.  The United States, and the world, are now under full-blown Jewish Biological Attack, as advocated in all their secret literature.  And make no mistake, this entire deadly campaign to bring down America is being waged from the Synagogue of Satan, known as modern-day Israel, the Apartheid State which is abomination to God.  In this, the Ultimate Psyops, the Jewish Hatred for God has conquered Zionist-duped America.  And as poisoned America falls, so rises the JNWO – which RTG will make stillborn.


It all began in 2019, shortly after the Repo Market collapse and pending Rothschild Bankruptcy, with Mossad terrorist units poisoning China, Italy, Iran, and New York; from there it spread worldwide.  And make no mistake, this is furtherance of the son of perdition coup to destroy the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and indeed, the entire life-support system in America.  Yes, vaccine mandates are dictated in the Talmud – to be administered by Supremacist Jews out to destroy the Constitution.