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A Time of Decision

R. L. RIFE     



1600 pages of comprehensive history covering the entire six thousand year epoch, and detailing the plot against mankind, exposing the conspiracy against America, and giving sufficient warning to all Americans to prepare for the coming time of terminal cataclysm.

Text Box: THE RIFE SUMMATION is a must read for all Americans who wish to cut through the prevailing fog to see and acknowledge the forces which are today working against all Americans on every level of the society.

R/S is an  URGENT WARNING  giving masterful evidence as to the actual course of current events, while accurately explaining every social trend  and giving bold understanding as to  what will now happen in this  recreant nation.

God has a PLAN FOR YOUR SAFETY which can and will provide for your deliverance from the economic and political trap which is now cast against you; this plan will take you to his shelter as you become proactive and seek his direction for your immediate welfare.

The ROLE OF A PROPHET is to boldly serve up divine admonishment during this final period of forbearance prior to wrath.  This I have done in the most thorough manner, for your benefit.

R/S enlists PROPHETIC VISION far superior to any other book or ministry available today, simply because this message is given by the Holy Spirit to be your timely understanding, guiding you to now fully prepare for the disasters which will continually befall this wayward nation.

America is headed for an ECONOMIC CRASH of unprecedented proportions which will forever destroy your way of life; hence it is of utmost importance that every American now begin to prepare for the  cataclysms which are at this time just over the horizon.

Yes indeed, the FAILURE OF THE REPUBLIC  is now at hand, and only those who become proactive to the saving of their household will survive somewhat intact; all others will lose everything to adverse and devastating economic and political events which will now transpire.

R/S delivers SOLID HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE to give you lineal understanding as to how our nation has arrived at this time of maximum peril.

Several other imperative topics are discussed, including…
 HOAX OF 9-11-2001…

The Good News is that you have TIME TO PREPARE, once you have fully digested this message and fully become proactive to the saving of your household.  

R/S provides CONSTITUTIONAL TERMS OF SECESSION for the dissolution of the Union, for the  protection of the righteous from the clutches of the pressing conspiracy against all Christian Americans.
PART ONE:  Satan’s Early Work	  
1.	Fall of Lucifer
2.	Fall of Adam
3.	Fall of the Angels	
4.	Fall of the World	
5.	Great Flood: Fall of Giza	
6.	Fall of Nimrod	
7.	Fall into the Abyss
PART TWO:  Messiah to Antichrist

8.	Rise of Israel
9.	Synagogue of Satan
10.	Evangelization
11.	Church Age to Reformation
12.	Reformation
PART THREE:  Rise of America
13.	Great Awakening	
14.	Founding the Christian Republic
15.	Confirming the Christian Republic
PART FOUR:  Synagogue of Satan over America    
16.	Jewish Freemasons, Illuminati
17.	Jewish Manipulation of Blacks
18.	Rockefellers, Council on Foreign Relations
19.	Tavistock Warlocks	
20.	Jewish Corruption of Education
21.	Jewish Evil Against America
22.	Jewish Corruption of Youth
23.	Bringing Forth Jewish Sodom
24.	Jewish Age of Mass Evil	

PART FIVE:  Setting the Stage   
25.	Talmudic Communism
26.	Counterfeit State of Israel, 1948
27.	Illuminati Destruction of U.S. Dollar
28.	Jewish Conspiracy
29.	Sodom, DC
30.	Economic Judgment
31.	September 11, 2001	
32.	2008 Meltdown				
PART SIX:  The Man of Sin	
33.	52-Year Overview	
34.	Witch of the Island: We’re Not in Kansas Anymore
35.	On To Illuminati Indoctrination	
36.	On To Rockefeller Land	
37.	Son of Lucifer Meets His Father	
38.	Rise to Power	
39.	Son of Perdition in the White House
PART SEVEN:  Judgment against America         
40.	Great American Falling Away
41.	Strong Delusion of Christian Zionism
42.	Today’s Counterfeit State of Israel 	
43.	Trinity in Judgment	
44.	Restoration of All Things	
45.	Secession of the Righteous
PART EIGHT:  End of the Age 
46.	The Beast Arises	
47.	Rothschild Fed Loses Control
48.	Turnkey Tyranny	
49.	Seventh Beast
50.	Day of the Lord	

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