At the First Advent, when Grace/Wrath flipped, national Israel was forever terminated, while the Gospel was taken to the Gentiles, and Abraham’s Christian faith blessed all nations and families.  All families but one; the dead vine of Ashkenazi “Judaism.”  You see, God’s decimation of Israel was so thorough that Satan had to go to the prison yard, to recruit the House of Khazar, the Ashkenazi Tribe, in the sixth century, located in today’s Ukraine/Russia/Crimea battleground, to convert to the occultic aberration of Babylonian Talmudism, which is the source book for all things evil, occultic, and antichrist, becoming the foundation for the Gog conquest of Palestine (un-walled villages) and the Christian Nations (mountains of Israel), the USA being the last to fall to Jewish/Communist/Zionist infiltration, subversion, and treachery.


This is the Synagogue of Satan, Gentiles posing as Jews fulfilling Noah’s Genesis 9:27 prophecy – the Satanic Fraud of Cyrus Scofield, Billy Graham, Hal Lindsey, and John Hagee Zionism, which has destroyed the Evangelical Church, and now occupies WDC (Sodom, D.C.).  This Satanic Cabal has attempted to poison the world, now wars against Reformed Russia, and seeks to take the world down and into the Jewish New World Order.  Yes, the Ashkenazi Heathen, headquartered in the City of London, House of Rothschild, do indeed rage.  Therefore, wise up you brutish Zionists before the WRATH OF THE LAMB consumes you in fire!


By the prophecy of Isaiah, chapter 51, one more time grace/wrath and wrath/grace shall flip.  Listen carefully, for many of you are under the Strong Delusion prophesied by Paul, and your delusion is that you have been hoodwinked, deceived, and subjugated by the LIE OF ASHKENAZI JUDAISM, mindlessly believing that these Satanists are actually God’s Chosen. 


Such fools you have become, as Zionists attack your navy, blow up your WTC, dumb down your education, censor you, banish you, poison you, impoverish you, steal your elections, raid your treasury, destroy your money, and enslave you to the Mark of the Beast  – and have turned your hospitals into death factories.  SHAME ON ALL CHRISTIAN ZIONISTS — FOOLS YOU HAVE BECOME.


There is a Remnant of Israel and it is NOT Ashkenazi Jewry.  The True Remnant exists among the Persecuted Palestinians in Gaza, Israel, and the refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon, where the Remnant fled when the Ashkenazi terrorists drove them out, terrorizing their un-walled villages, and stealing their houses, businesses, and lands, before and during 1948.  Here, the Twelve Prophetic Tribes await their KING, Jesus Christ – while the Ashkenazi usurper land thieves attempt to establish their JNW0, which Rife the Great will now destroy.


At this LAST PASSOVER, the Cup of Wrath is taken from the Palestinian Remnant to never again be drunk by them.  Yet now, it is thrust onto the Ashkenazi JNWO – Gog/Rothschild’s Empire, known in the Bible as Magog (the nations under Rothschild control – nearly all now, including Pedo America and Epstein/Zionist-occupied WDC).


Summarizing, at the First Passover the Israelites were exonerated and Egypt received wrath.  At the Messiah Passover, Israel was judged and destroyed, while the Gospel of Grace was taken to all nations.  At this Passover2022, the Palestinian Remnant is called forth to serve the KING, and Ashkenazi-controlled Magog is burned with fire (RIFE FIRE) as reported by Ezekiel.  This fire now falls on Magog/Ukraine.  These Three Dispensational Passovers were/are manifest at the following Pentecost: 1) Giving of the Law; 2) Giving of the Spirit; 3) Manifestation of the Fire of Wrath.


The Babylonian-Talmud-Jewish-Supremacist-Lie rules over Magog, giving birth to Babylon the Great, which by the hand of RIFE THE GREATER, shall now suffer the Cup of Wrath, filled to the double.  This is accomplished as the LAMB OF GOD takes the scroll and opens the first four seals, which are now afflicting the world, as confirmed by this Rife Prophecy — the Magog/Ukraine fire shall spread globally. 


This is the New Passover.  Common Grace is now restricted to those who have ears to hear, eyes to see, and the conviction to be Sealed in Deliverance. Common Grace gives way to restricted grace and it is incumbent upon all, who have ears to hear this prophecy, to become proactive to the saving of your household, before the WRATH OF THE LAMB consumes all of worldwide Magog, by the hand of Rife the Great.


Rife the Great now establishes Texas as the Refuge State (per Matthew 17:11), as he drives Magog out of the state and slays all who refuse this Evacuation Order #11-1862.  By Field General Rife’s hereby stated decree, General Grant providing the legal precedent, all Ashkenazi Jews and their Children of Wrath must now vacate Austin and all of Texas, or face the WRATH OF THE LAMB – the Sword wielded by Rife the Great.


While Magog and those who dwell carelessly worldwide shall now burn, Rife Texas shall be delivered from wrathfilled with born-again Christians who have come out of this Jewish Whore, have repented of her sins, and shall not receive her plagues.


At this New Passover, Judgment has begun and shall continue at the house of God.  And, most fittingly, Wrath has struck at False Prophet Hagee’s church – the Cornerstone of Ashkenazi Babylon. 

Quickly, Wrath shall consume all Zionist, Prosperity, and Lukewarm churches, making way for the TEXAS REFORMATION, brought to you by Rife the Great.  Rest assured, the Gabriel Legions will PASSOVER the Rife Remnant, now established and thriving in NEW TEXAS.