The Rife Mansion Trophy Room will put Tom Brady to embarrassment; just sayin…


Desert school to Divine Rule; mountain solitude to Revelation Aptitude; social forlorn sent to warn.  As John received his Revelation on Patmos, circa 97 A.D., Rife received his revelation on Padre Island, 1978-79.


Why RTG?  Appointed from eternity, at the foundation of the world.  Lost out to Vladimir, as he is much more brave and political than I; he eagerly accepted his calling herein recorded.  We were both dispatched simultaneously, in the womb concurrently – brothers with different mothers, to meet eye to eye as we are both 70, the age of God’s Perfecting of his Saints.  Nice job, Vladimir, rightly named, as it means “To Rule with Greatness.” 


Born to righteous parents, in Most Pristine, Yuma, CO, and like Beaver, was the King of My Domain, as long as I had air in my bicycle tires.  At age ten, I became the playground avenger at Yuma Grade School, defending all my classmates against all bullies, regardless of size or age.  Always a football star; in college, a four-year letterman, conference All Star.  The Rife name is yet in the Football Almanac at Central Missouri State University, for those of you interested.  My name is also inscribed on the Fraternity trophy for being the best partier; ditto for the Senior Ballet at Park Hill, KCMO.  So, very much a regular guy, before touched by God and called by Jesus Christ.


My first premonition was in high school, senior year.  Never political, I shunned the games played by the conflict of egos.  Then one day, before class, the tap on the shoulder; my beloved school principle needed a favor.  You see, it was student exchange day, and the other school was, as I remember, Central High, downtown, which was clear majority, Black.  My principle, whom I had known for years as he followed my football career, needed help.  You guessed it, he had received four phone calls from concerned parents, early that morning – all four student officers were opting out, for fear of the racial tensions.  My friend needed to save face.  That became my calling, as I coaxed a female student to accompany me for a day of racial healing, as I shunned not to show love for these students of another race and color.  That is when I found my calling – to go where others refuse to go, all for the Greater Cause.  Surely you get the point.


In college, a business degree with a marketing major; recruited by Procter and Gamble, number one marketing company in the world.  One year in, number one salesman in Colorado, with managers beckoning me up the corporate ladder.  Then my meeting with my Creator, Jesus Christ, who said, quit this work and follow me. I immediately complied, to the chagrin of my loving father, my managers, and the professors back at college who had bragged about me, since my landing of such a prestigious marketing job.


The first seven years of my calling, I walked the territory, so to speak, learning the lay of the spiritual land, which led me all over North America, then on to Israel.  My appointed Mentor was the late Jed Smock, Campus Minister, who possibly was the most traveled True Minister, of American history.  He famously would introduce me, saying, Rich got filled with the Spirit and on Fire, before the Christians could put the WET BLANKET OF CHRISTIANITY on him.  Amen, Brother!  Assuredly, we will live on Prophet’s Street in the New Jerusalem!


Upon returning to the States, appointed to reside in San Francisco, to become a Watchman, learning my prophetic vocation.  That year, 1983, I preached forty times in front of City Hall, my voice echoing through those chambers of abomination, as confirmed by bailiffs sent to me, telling me that court proceedings were being interrupted by the name of Jesus, preached at the top of my lungs – God telling me, Good Job, my son.  Yes, 40 days, where my life was threatened more than once, and only by angelic protection was I saved on one occasion.  Christian police officers confided to me and warned me that they knew that a contract against my life was going to be put out. 


Then, at the end of the forty days, one more assignment: to go on stage at the “Gay Freedom Day” and preach to 100,000 queers and lesbians, on the last Sunday of June, 1983, forty years ago.  Unbeknown to me, this had become the High Holy Day for the Demonic Principalities and Powers over the world, inhabiting the second heaven.  They were all in attendance, savoring the blasphemy and utter wickedness of the day.  At the Lord’s call, I took the stage and took the microphone from the wimp telling unsavory jokes.


In absolute boldness, my 220-pound frame pounding out Rebukes, I lifted the Name of Jesus Christ, declared his Judgment, and prophesied Fire upon this generation.  Everyone was stunned; the heavens shook, and the Deception was forever exposed, as the Demon Hoard above raged in guilt.  As did David, slaying the lion and the bear, I had cracked the second heaven and opened the Rife Portal directly to the Third Heaven, and to the Throne of the Almighty, Jesus Christ sitting at his Right Side. 


At that point of this Rife Triumph, my Melchizedec Commission was confirmed, I would now graduate to Prophet School, to become a General in the Army of Jesus Christ.  Little did I know, this would include 25 years of hard labor, to break and fortify me, followed by 14 years of Officer Training, to become the Premier Prophet of this last generation.  All is now complete, 1983-2023, and I have come forth as your servant, that you can avoid the Wrath which is now due against this wayward world.  The fire which I prophesied on that stage, 40 years ago, now falls upon America, first spiritually, and soon, kinetically. Surely you are now beginning to understand the gravity of this situation.


Lately, I sought out confirmation regarding this Forty Day Warning; my answer from the Throne, as identified previously herein, follows:  The Lord said, I gave Nineveh forty days and they were as great as America, yet they didn’t know their right hand from their left.  So now, I will judge this Reprobate America, which no longer can differentiate a man from a woman.  FORTY DAYS AMERICA! Then God shall move against you in escalating Wrath, you have been hereby warned.


Therefore, wake up you Drunkards of Ephraim, Rife is not misinformation; rather, Mr. Information. SAM HOUSTON THE SECOND, after 7 years of basic training and 40 years of officer training, as the leading Watchman over San Francisco, now commissioned over America and the world.  RIFE IS THE DIVINE ANSWER TO THE JEWISH QUESTION.  You have now read the Rife Expert knowledge and analysis by way of the KJ. Anointing.  This isn’t for my glory, rather for Jesus Christ’s Glory.  Precept upon precept, line upon line, Rife teaches you Sound Doctrine, that you too can flee the Wrath to come.  Eyes to see and ears to hear.