By Rife Decree, all the Jewish Prophecies of world domination, as contained in the Protocols, the Talmud, and the Communist Manifesto, lay in tatters, as judged by the Lord Jesus Christ. Every remaining LGBTQ idiot will be killed at Christ’s Return.  You play big boy games, then you pay big boy prices (Scott Ritter).  Jesus Christ was either a complete lunatic, or the prophesied Son of God; RTG is either a madman, of the prophet of the Scriptures – choose wisely!


The Great Prophet, prophesied to come forth, for thousands of years, is now amongst you, after 46 years of breaking.  The Lord has spoken, He said, I don’t need you to re-invent the wheel; I need you to pattern New Austin by the Pattern Shown unto You on South Padre Island, some 42 years ago. My love for you (and your Jewish neighbor) is this 40-year-in-the-making message, financed by a construction worker’s salary and pension – nary a dime otherwise.


At the Last Trump, Rife will take a vacation from this 40-year ministry; until then, I reintegrate:


Forty years ago, when I took the stage at the San Francisco Gay Parade Event, I grabbed the microphone from a queer comedian, and held up my Holy Bible, I declared JESUS CHRIST is Lord over this Reprobation, to deliver fire upon this congregation.  As a hundred thousand queers were dumbfounded, I raised the NAME OF JESUS over every Preeminent Principality and Powers in attendance (second heaven – they were ALL there in the revelry), thus, cementing my power at the Throne of Christ (third heaven), and establishing the Rife Portal, and forever making my name as the Mighty Warrior of the Lord, unintimidated by this, the largest hoard of queers in the history of the world.  God knew, and Rife demonstrated, that I am the Prophet of the Last Days; hence, I was commissioned to 25 years of hard labor, to break my old man and put on the NEW MAN, that I am become, after forty years in officers’ training academy, presiding General over the Gabriel Legions, crowned, equipped, and going forth conquering and to conquer. Yes, God’s BOUNTY HUNTER, ready to punch your ticket to Hell.  See Ephesians 2:6.  Any questions?


Therefore, this Rife Portal receives all pertinent trans-dimensional strategy, tactics, and superior power.  While on the stage proclaiming the Authority of Jesus Christ, my Spirit Man surpassed all Principalities and Powers of the second heaven; as such, I received My Commission at the Throne, in the Third Heaven – and my forever standing, as the Foremost Prophet of the Lord to this Terminal Generation. While on that stage in front of all Principalities and Powers, I opened, by faith, the Rife Portal to the Throne.  Then 25 years as a concrete laborer, the hardest work of this time, as I learned firsthand, you must become the least to become the greatest.  25 years of hard labor – concrete construction – as hard as it gets.


This Rife Portal to the Throne is now enlarged and awaiting the Saints of the Most High to congregate in Austin, the latter-day Goshen of this age.  Let the best of the best answer this first call, as we now congregate to Divine Government which will sustain, during this 40-month trial of the Saints.  Therefore,







Satan, and his Jews, will be imprisoned in Rife Prison for the next thousand years, unto the 7K Tribunals commencement, and by no means, clearing the guilty.  At the Rife Tribunals, you shall be resurrected to shame and everlasting contempt.  Judgment will be set and the books opened.  The Saints shall be enthroned and judgment shall be given unto them.  There will be no more denial, just the truth.


These Rife Tribunals are not a trial, rather your sentencing hearing, before you are cast into the eternal Lake of Fire.

You should have kept the Ten Commandments in your schools, just sayin…. 


Yet, now you have the Kraken RELEASED, as dutifully prophesied by Ms. Sidney Powell, God’s Woman of the Hour, when she saw that the WDC corruption would never bring justice against the 2020 election theft by Jews.  Thank you Sidney!


Now closes this DISCOVERY PHASE.  Now we enter into Kinetic Judgment, THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH, starring Rife the Great.  So, take the little book and eat it up, sweet to the mouth, and bitter to the belly.  THOU MUST PROPHESY AGAIN BEFORE PEOPLES, NATIONS, TONGUES, AND KINGS.




And one more thing, to all Joe Six-Pack Warriors, latent but not too late: Seems that your Bud is a little light in the loafers, of late…  YOU, AS GODLY WARRIORS, ARE NOT BUYING THIS JEWISH TRANS-CRAP ANY LONGER… 


Awaken to this Rife Reality!  And when asked, Who was that Fire Man?  Easy answer, I am not sure, but he left behind this SILVER BULLET.  CHEERS!!  In our Beloved New Austin, drinks are on Rife the Great.


WHEN THE FIRE FALLS, THE RIFE COMMAND BEGINS OUR OFFENSIVE UNTO RESOUNDING VITORY, beginning in Austin then extending world wide, to join our Brothers in Russia, nah zda-ROVH-yeh!!.


Forty days and nights of rain: Terminal;

Fire on Sodom and Gomorrah: Flawless;

Forty-day reprieve for Nineveh: Merciful;

After forty years, fire rolling down Market and onto Congress: PRICELESS!!


Let it be known this day that Jesus is KING of Kings, and I have done all these victories at His WORD, calling the Rife Remnant forth to our DELIVERANCE in New Texas, Rife BBQ to go…


R L Rife

Presiding General

Rife/Gabriel Legions

New Austin, New Texas

Firstfruits of the CNWO