June 25, 2023

Take this warning to the Mayor of Sodom:



Commencing Judgment Upon San Francisco


As Divine Law supersedes Civil Law:


Whereas you have led this nation into utter depravity against God, you will now lead this nation into the RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENT OF THE LORD.



BE IT KNOWN that your fate has hereby been awarded, just according to your abominable sins and your reprobate blasphemy against the RIGHTFUL SOVEREIGN.


YOUR SENTENCE IS NOW SEALED and your judgment shall now escalate, running full term, even beyond this horrific fire upon this very heart of your city.


YOU ARE NOW FORCED TO DRINK of the Lord痴 Cup of Wrath. All Houses of God will now be warned, separated, and given the opportunity to flee before the harm ensues.


BE HEREBY WARNED: The Lord Jesus Christ will no longer hold back his vengeance, recompense, or terminal penalty. He will show forth his immediate censure of all opposition which will foolishly arise to confront this message of God. Any power, any officer, or any citizen which attempts to confront and/or prohibit the function of this ministry will immediately be rendered to the SWORD OF VENGEANCE.



ゥ2023 Mali456 Ministries, USA





June 30, 2019


Take this word to the Mayor of Sodom:


Inscribed on the dome above the CHAMBER OF YOUR ATROCITY, where in 2004, you filled your buckets with manure, one reads these words:


O Glorious City...Thou hast been tried and not found wanting.


Against this blasphemy, the finger of the Lord God of Israel has written WITH FIRE:


Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin...


Mene: As you have chosen to lead this nation in provocation against the Righteous God, so shall you lead this nation in his Season of Judgment.


Tekel: You have been weighed in the balances and have thus been tried and found wanting, swift implementation of vengeance has now befallen you, as you shall now take your turn in the wood shed.


Peres: He has sentenced your city to destruction, beginning at the church of the false prophet and spreading to annihilate the riot in your streets and engulfing the plaza outside your window with castigation. Yes, the Word of the Lord has come against your Sodom; as you refuse to repent it shall now prosecute this city until it is ruined and destroyed, without inhabitant, and there is a great forsaking in this nation.


Truly, this is the Prophecy of the Lord to you:


As the stench of your buckets of sin has reached the Throne of the Lord, He is now judging your crimes, THEREFORE: He is rewarding you as you have rewarded his Saints, and as you are twice guilty, your cup is now filled to the double. As you have glorified yourself and played the wanton, so will you now receive like measure of torment and mourning, for you have set yourself up as the braggart before this generation, boasting, 的 sit as a queen, I shall see no sorrow.


THEREFORE, these plagues of your Trouble have come upon you swiftly: death, and mourning, and destitution; your pile of manure is now utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God of Israel, who judges you. Oh, by the way, the Door of Vengeance is now wide open; and indeed, it痴 going to happen, whether you like it or not!


And all the people of the earth are now in astonishment, as they see and smell the smoke, as your repugnance burns as this WORD is now fulfilled, just according to this handwriting, now on the wall.


ゥ2019 Mali456 Ministries, USA