Judgment is given to the Saints of the Most High, who now possess the Kingdom – New Texas was Foreordained from the Foundation of the World.  This Rife Report merely expresses what God has ALREADY decreed in Heaven.


The Nimrod Soul, whose parents’ DNA was unique in Mankind, since both parents were direct descendants of Lucifer, is resurrected from the Bottomless Pit, to become the latter-day son of perdition, who will now stand trial in the Rife Court, the Bride becoming the Jury, Judge, and Executioner.  Consequently, this Age of Jewish Gangsterism is brought to close.




Rife the Great is Absolute Legal Prerequisite.  If you knew your Scriptures you would understand that RTG must come first, before the Day of the Lord.  Contrarily, you have been grossly mistaken, not knowing the Prophetic Scriptures, nor the Power of God.  Henceforth, the Rife Redemption of the Original Purpose.


As the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, His Plan is for the last days, providing The Saints with power over the nations, to rule them with a Rod of Iron.  And to the Wicked, Behold, I am against thee, O thou most proud, saith the Lord God of hosts: for thy day is come, the time that I will visit thee.  Henceforth, this Rife Palestine Liberation Operation, delivering us from the Evil One.  An end is come, the end is come: it watcheth for thee; behold, it is come.




JOHN MACARTHUR: Know the Truth, Understand the Truth, Believe the Truth, Embrace the Truth, and Love the Truth.  Truth is the Heart and Soul of the Gospel. 



TRUTH defines America’s Demise, from A to Z – Ashkenazi Zionism.


Be Strong in the Lord, to Stand Firm against the Zionist Schemes of the Jewish Devil, this Zionist Bewitchment of your Churches and these Zionist Schemes of the Evil One, which have coerced your Zionist Abomination.


The definition of Deception is that you cannot discern that you are being Deceived – obversely, Rife Truth is Reality; reject it at your own peril.

Rife Truth now obliterates the Zionist Stumblingblock, and puts the Rife Remnant on the Path of Personal Victory, and Spiritual and Social Transformation.  There is only One Truth: God’s Truth.  Accordingly, the Spirit of Truth guides you to all Rife Truth.  In this Rife Kingdom, all truth is perfect, absolute, and immovable.


To date, you love your Zionist Delusion, rather than the Rife Truth.  Your Strong Delusion, Ashkenazi Zionism, is NOT the Will of the Father.  Sadly, you love your Zionist Deception of Trickery, rather than Zealous Declaration of Truth.


In 2000, the Talban outlawed Poppy Cultivation, forcing the JEWISH LIE of 9-11-2001; and now, after nearly 20 years of U.S. Army supervised and enforced production, they have again outlawed production.  You mean, you didn’t read about that in the New York Times?


You Simple Christians, Wise Up!  Everything Jewish is of the Devil – and a hundred-fold so in Palestine.  Until you understand this, you will never flee the Wrath coming on your American Abomination.  Anything and Everything involving Ashkenazi Judaism is PURE DEVILRY – that is your New Pivot Point regarding the Prophetic Scriptures.


Like the fool at the gate of the Super Bowl, your Pre-Trib Ticket is Counterfeit.  You Idiot Zionists have sold America back to Jewish Slavery.  This Zionism was per your Former Lusts of IGNORANCE; your dubious reading of the Bible.


Your Christian Zionism requires a latently colonialist, anti-intellectual, protective bubble to thrive (David Crump).  In other words, your movement is False Teachers teaching Heresy.  Your Zionism is your Defeatism, plain and simple.  The Devil has Destroyed you with Zionist Schemes which prey upon your Ignorance.


To date, your performance is Craven Cowardice wrought by Effeminate Ear-ticklers.  You Christian Zionists are no more than a Cult of Satan.  Oh, and your land of un-walled villages is now a vast, open-air MAGA PRISON housing 1.5 million inmates from God’s Remnant.  Your beloved Israel maintains the Largest Prison System on the Planet.


You Idiot Christian Zionists need to learn the definition of “un-walled villages” and “dwelling without walls” – then you see your fallacy, because this Apartheid State now has the most walled villages and high walls, per square mile, of any place in the entire world. Only before and during 1948 could the Ezekiel Prophecies have taken place.


Walls upon walls, checkpoints at every turn, razor wire gates, and sniper towers – and you yet believe this is the land of un-walled villages, and these Luciferian Jews are “Chosen.”  Stupid Christians – you deserve death for your war crimes against God’s Remnant.  Stay tuned for details.


The Main Feature of your Israel Abomination – the construction of what is known as THE SEPARATION WALL, FORTY FEET TALL, AND AT A LENGTH OF 439 MILES.


Now you know why God inspired Ezekiel to list the UNWALLED VILLAGES – the Gog Invasion was prior to 1948 and the building of this, the MOST WALLED REGION IN THE WORLD.  Seems like you Christian Zionists have your panties on backwards; again!  Let’s hear the Idiot Perry Stone lie has way out of this one!  Ditto for the fools comprising the Elijah List – Idiots all!  Maybe the False Teacher Lance Wallnau wants to lie his way out of this fact!


In 1948, the Abomination of Desolation moved into Palestine.


In early history, the Ashkenaz sons of Gomer and Japheth of the north, settled in what is modern-day Ukraine (see Genesis 10: 1-3); they have lately invaded Palestine, fulfilling Noah’s Genesis 9: 26 prophecy, whereby he prophesied that they would (Illegally) Appropriate the dwellings/houses of Shem.


Every Zionist Preacher tells Lies in the Name of Jesus Christ.  Your Zionist Premise is TOTAL ERROR.  Your Whopping Error which has destroyed America.  Your Zionist Hermeneutic is TOTAL FOLLY.  America is Destroyed because of your Zionist/Jewish Lies.  You Blind Christian Zionists have destroyed all that the Founders built.  Your America has fallen further and faster than any nation in history.


Zionists appear sincere – yet, they are Sincerely Wrong.  Your enemy is so cleaver as to direct your love to Luciferian Zionism.  You promote Ashkenazi Israel, land of gay parades and gay abomination; but you refuse to preach repentance from these very sins – such hypocrites!  Your enemy has used Ashkenazi Zionism to rob you of all success!


This Zionist shackling of Church.  Deceit is the Currency of Zionism.  All Zionists walk in Lies, strengthening the hand of Jewish Warlocks.  Henceforth, you Christian Zionists are on the WRONG SIDE of History.  Thirty million Zionist Christians are all wrong – dead wrong.  You fail because your Zionism is Wholly Inaccurate Preconceptions – the Devil’s Propaganda Proffered by Luciferian Jews and Christian False Prophets.


And now, because of your Laodicean Lethargy, the Jewish Globalists are preparing to Launch the Final Purge, to execute Wrath upon the Wicked!

Quick facts: Your “Democratic” Israel doesn’t even have a Constitution.  Why?  Because it would have to codify blatant RACISM.  And, the Vaunted Israeli Quest to prove their legitimacy – DNA Genetic Research – produced a goose egg, unable to produce results able to withstand international peer review.  All “positive” results have proven to be a FRAUD.  You mean you didn’t read about that in the Jew York Times?


Lastly, if you can explain how you get out of 200 Trillion in unfunded debt and liabilities, then Rife will relent – until then, I prophesy your Immediate Death.