PASSOVER/PENTECOST, 5997 (2024), 63 pages




Our story begins on Election Night, November 3, 2020, with the Jewish/Zionist stealing of the U.S. Presidential Election.  Hello again this is R.L. Rife, from Austin, Texas folks know me as Rife the Great.


Since that dreadful, crime-ridden evening/night, knowing that our Republic has been captured by Jewish Communists/Zionists/Neo Con Artists working to promote the son of perdition, I have been faithful to the Lord to go in a Separation Fast, which has lasted 3 ½ years.  After 12 days of post-Election, Jewish Brinkmanship, Gangsterism, and Lawfare, it was most apparent that the Jews would continue to use Brute Force to certify what they had stolen.  That Sunday night, November 15, I sought the Lord with fasting and prayer for our nation.


It was then that Justice went Vertical; I was awarded the DIVINE BRIEF concerning the Ongoing Crimes of the Synagogue of Satan – with solid understanding that we are in the Days of Vengeance, that ALL prophecies shall now be fulfilled, even to the release of the KRAKEN.


As the Premier Prophet of the Lord, I have dutifully Stood the Gap, for the 1260 days from November 15, 2020 to today, April 28, 2024.  This website and my last published book, THE RIFE EXECUTION, are the fruit of this Sackcloth/Separation Fast.  They are written for your Deliverance from the coming Vengeance of God coming against Zionist-occupied America.




Once America opens its eyes to the Jewish Menace, that is when the fun begins.  Let’s begin with Super Jew, Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD), he is Lead Communist of the JEW COUP.  He emerged from the Raskin Synagogue of Satan, to conduct both Illicit, Conspired Trump Impeachments, and now, the Certification of Jewish Election Theft.  You must understand, having been expelled from 109 countries for the general crime of JEWISH EXCESS, these Gangsters are so weary of that last one crime – which turns America against Judaism, Zionism, and this Synagogue of Satan destroying the USA – that they are driving themselves into deeper JEWISH MENTAL ILLNESS.


 In this case, Rep. Raskin’s loathing for Christian America is so full of Hate – after being the lead Schemer, with Schumer, in this CONSPIRED JEWISH INTRIGUE – that his livid projection into his own house brought his son to suicide: Tommy’s blood shattered all over his room, the first Suicide Victim of Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Yep, the Raskin Jewish Mental Hospital had its first casualty, between both ZIO IMPEACHMENTS.




RTG endorses MTG, Representative, Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) as the Hound Dog of Heaven, standing tall where the vacillating Republican Pencil-Necks refuse to go.  She has exposed the Raskin Folly several times in videoed meetings; she knows this Raskin Family of Death – death to the nation, the government, and, by such seething Hatred, death to Tommy, who couldn’t stand such a depressed, hateful household, driving this Illegal Impeachment, and now, stealing of the U.S. Election process.




You’ll be joining your son in Hell, here shortly.  Yep, as Impeachment Manager, Warlock Raskin, will burn in Tommy Hell for his Treason against the USA. Raskin, you are incapable of introspection regarding how you drove your Little Hat Son into the ground – because you are a Jewish Psychopath/Sociopath, given over to your REPROBATE MIND.


Then we see this Raskin Freak, boisterous and obnoxious, telling My Gal, MTG, he’ll read anything she can provide that will change his mind; the Rife Recommendation: THE NEW TESTAMENT.  Read it and weep, you Jew Fool!  For it enlists your Terminal Judgment as your Penalty for your Jewish Coup, and now, the Big Steal.  Once MTG and her nation-wide supporters open their eyes to the Universal Jewish Menace, that is when the fun begins.




This election didn’t prove who America wanted as President, rather who the Jews could promote through their various cheating methods and cover up strategies.  You must understand, all Talmudic Jews (virtually all Jews) are Closet Communists, Supremacist Zionists, and Apartheid Socialists.  They Conspired the Jewish Full Spectrum Dominance, stealing of the 2020 Presidential Election.




This Election was all about Industrial-scale Jewish Election Fraud.  The election was stolen by Jewish Gangsters in the six key cities, as supervised by Super Jew Marc Elias of the Perkins Coie law firm, representing the House of Rothschild.  From 2019, when the Tribulation began almost exactly a year earlier, this became the most sophisticated Jewish Operation to rig this Presidential Election, using every possible conniving and underhanded means possible


This was truly one of the most tragic, nefarious, and comprehensive criminal acts in world history.


As you remember in the first half of 2020, first it was the Jewish-conspired Covid Plandemic, then the Super Jew, Soros-created and managed BLM and ANTIFA riots that tore up over 400 cities, causing nearly $2 billion in property damage.  As the INSTRUMENT OF CHAOS, all Democratic/Communist officials encouraged the rioting and allowed the damage.  All Key Democrat officials gave the green light to the Soros-sponsored street gangs.


From this Summer of Soros Riots came the Fall Election Season of George Soros-directed voter fraud, suppression of free speech, and constant flow of Lies coming out of Jewish Big Media.  You must understand, Jews have been throwing elections since their KKK corrupted elections during the Jim Crow Era.  Now, 150 years later, this Jewish Election Rigging and Voter Fraud was run by the Elias/Zuckerberg/Rothschild Cabal.




This 2020 Election was all Jewish Criminal Enterprise, conspiring this well-funded Jewish Cabal, led by Super Jew Marc Elias.  To finance the STEAL, Zuckerberg/Rothschild paid over $400 million to secure their theft of this Fraudulent Election – the BIG JEW – Big Media and Big Tech CRIME OF THE CENTURY. 


The Central Plot was very simple, Jews gamed the system with illegal ballots.  This was the Rothschild Covid Plandemic Bonus, via Elias-coordinated Vote Trafficking.  Votes were illegally trafficked across state lines throughout the East Coast.  Yes, the Jews bought the Election Theft with over a half billion dollars of DARK MONEY corrupting the system.


Truly this was the Most Planned Theft in modern history.  To beat Trump the Elias Jews had to inject millions of fraudulent ballots into the system, during this Jewish Vote-Rigging Scheme.  The overall Jewish Strategy, straight from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, was to remove ALL ACCOUNTABILITY from the system, via their no name/no signature voting scheme.  Once all their Fraudulent Ballots were in the system, it became impossible to distinguish between legal and illegal votes.  America went askew, trusting the Jew.


Elias and his Jewish Gangsters engineered all voter fraud scenarios and Jewish Lawfare.  Again, this Jewish/Elias Conspiracy was wrapped around no-signature, no-name ballots, that once they entered the system there was no way of verifying authenticity, or fraud.  The Elias/Jewish Conspiracy was to flood the states with millions of ballots and thousands of drop boxes, then every non-signature ballot could be stuffed into the tight races, cheating all the way to victory.


Super Jew Mark Zuckerberg, Rothschild agent supervising the CIA/Facebook Project, spent over $400 million to purchase thousands of ballots drop boxes, which were then stuffed by their Mules (Dinesh D’Souza) with millions of fraudulent ballots.  In combination with all the ballot stuffing, the Dominion Voting Machines were programmed to give votes to Biden, at Trump’s expense.  These machines can only cheat by a certain percentage before it becomes most obvious (Trump broke the algorithms in 2016) hence, the Jewish Goal was to fraudulently increase the “base” to allow for the machines to then multiply the theft, within their own algorithms.