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Dear reader, it is High Noon on planet Earth, and henceforth, time for Rife the Great to explain the handwriting on the wall to all American Christians who are presently destroyed for your lack of knowledge regarding your true enemy: Rothschild/Gog who rages War on the Saints.  Jewish Warlocks have cast the 9-11-Covid-Vaxx-Putin-Passport-Mark of the Jewish Beast Spell over your Laodicean/Zionist church, and now America is drinking the Jewstown Kool-Aid, committing national suicide.


The boring 20s dull ding of “social justice” and the Jewish Ploy to divide, now gives way to the Roaring 20s pounding drums marching in Divine Justice, and this Rife sure word of prophecy to unite the True Saints.  Jewish Babylon the Great is now put down by the Sword of Rife the Greater, serving Jesus Christ, the Creator and Consummator of creation.  COSMIC JUSTICE GLORIFIED. 


God now speaks to you in his anger, as He now punishes the Jew for his Legendary Evil, while Rife the Great presents this case decently and in order.  You need not fear under Rife Leadership, assembling ourselves together, AS WE SEE THE DAY APPROACHING, and this Scam of the Jews meets its dead end.  The Rife Warfare is to pull down every Jewish Lie against the Rife Truth.




The Stink of today’s world is the THREE PROMINENT JEWISH TURDS: Treason, Treachery, and Turpitude. Excreting this KIKE CRAP is the Covid Black Hole, Synagogue of Satan – Sodom, D.C., Tel Aviv, City of London, House of Rothschild Axis of Evil.  The PREDITOR CLASS, virus of Zionism, has destroyed the American church and government, as has the ZIO BIO injection now moved to destroy the entire nation.




Vaccines not working?  They are killing just as designed by Jewish Warlocks; not one death is incidental.  This is Jewish Malicious Infliction of Harm and Death.  Rothschild/Gog is depopulating North America, with primary focus on murdering all Christians.  This is the 100% engineered, premeditated Jewish attack against Christian Civilization – Lucifer’s Jewish Assault against humanity, which demands RTG Intervention.




Lacking intellectual integrity and spiritual acumen, you Zionist Christians perish because of your lack of knowledge, as you blindly stumble, time and again, to the AshkeNAZI fascists who are LIARS, DECEIVERS, AND CONSPIRACY WEAVERS.  Yep, you Clay Clark Freedom Fighters haven’t a clue as to who is eating your lunch, as you are led in circles in the wilderness, unable to mount the needed counteroffensive to retake the land.  Promises, promises, never fulfilled because you lack proper knowledge of your enemy devouring your former blessed way of life.  You are drunk by the brew being constantly stirred up by Jewish Witches.


You will never understand history, the present, nor the future, until you understand Rife’s God, and know that we have now entered the final Passover, announcing Jubilee and Deliverance to the Rife Saints.  Stand strong upon these words, for the Storm approaches, and only the Rife Saints (minus the infiltrators) shall continue to prosper, as the rest of America will enter the time of wrath and burning — the result of your “Cosmic Cretinism” as expertly defined by former Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev.




Martin Luther’s last book, The Jews and their Lies, now sells for a thousand dollars on Amazon.  Why?  Could it be that the Jews have driven up the price so that you goy cannot afford to learn this timeless truth?  Everything around you blind Christians is the Jewish Con Job – the most egregious fraud in the history of mankind.




I am Rife the Great, as spoken of in the prophetic Scriptures.  Yes, Rife the Great, Chief Proctor, Kingdom of Jesus Christ, is now confronting Jewish Evil.  This Rife White Horse, nicknamed S.P. Kraken, is unequaled in power.  Rife is anointed and appointed as the STRONG WARRIOR/LAWYER which will now put down this Rabid Jewish Snake, and with mere words spoken from the THRONE OF JUSTICE in the cosmos.




Rife the Great is charged with bringing Justice against this Rothschild Criminal Empire, aka, Khazarian Mafia/Cabal.  Welcome to the Cosmic End Game, good vs evil, whereby Rife the Great decimates and obliterates all Jewish Imposture in this world.  Jewish Abomination and Conspiracy are now revealed, indicted, and conquered by Rife the Great.  And now, this Rife Report overtakes you, encircling the globe morning by morning, Texas time, and by day here and by night there, globally; and this is your vexation as Rife makes you to understand Sound Doctrine.












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