The Zionist Millennium

Enter Your Millennial Reign



O Palestine, this Jubilee Proclamation shall now overtake you with wisdom, morning by morning shall it pass over all communication, by day and by night it shall GO FORTH CONQUERING AND TO CONQUER all lies and false doctrine; it shall now be a vexation to you as you come to understand the truth of Jehovah your God, and the sound doctrine of your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth, your One and Only Messiah ó as delivered to you by RIFE THE GREAT.


Enter your Ninth Day...†† O Palestine, as you listen to this trumpet of Jubilee and learn to delight in these Good Tidings, you shall now celebrate your acceptable year as you now enter into your High Destiny.


Yes!† As the only true Jew is the person whose heart is right with God, this shall become the Restoration of Godís people in Palestine, the manifestation of the sons of God in Jerusalem.† You shall celebrate that the deaf now hear and the blind now see, becoming the sons and daughters of the Living God, the Lordís sanctified people in truth and righteousness.


Yes, with FIRE upon the blatant apostasy of the wicked, and with this Jubilee Proclamation the Lord Jesus Christ has forever sanctified his Great Name in the midst of you, that you shall all know him, from the least to the greatest.† Yes, as you look upon the Lord whom your fathers pierced, you shall now celebrate, for He has made the ONE ETERNAL SACRIFICE for sin and, having purged our sins, He then sat down at the Right Hand of the Majesty on High, till all his enemies are made his foot stool.† Therefore, celebrate this Jubilee Gospel! Celebrate your New Testament!† Celebrate your Lordís grace unto Palestine!† Celebrate your double blessings!† Celebrate the Law as it was given by Moses and rejoice in the grace and truth to come to you by your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!


Rejoice O Palestine, for the Lord has brought forth, amongst you, his Spiritual Zion! As you fulfill your own Eighth Day, you will now learn to celebrate your Ninth Day, unto your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!† Yes, come from the letter to the Spirit of the Law!† Enter your Spiritual Promise Land!† As your Eighth Day is your circumcision unto the Lord, your Ninth Day is your consecration to his holy service, as your circumcision becomes your spiritual baptism. Yes, you must be born again of his Holy Spirit to fulfill your Eighth Day, which shall then begin your Jubilee-Pentecostal Year, which the Holy Spirit shall fall upon you in power!† This is your latter rain, a double portion of his Spirit, unto you, O daughter of Palestine!


Therefore, your Holy Spirit circumcision shall now become your Holy Spirit celebration, as you enthusiastically worship your Lord in the Spirit!† As you partake in this Living Water, rejoice!† Put on the garment of righteousness and celebrate your New Birth!† Celebrate your Baptism of the Holy Ghost!†


Having come out of your fifty-generation Diaspora, your Lord commands you to be cheerful and to rejoice in his salvation!† Do not neglect this Feast of Sukkoth any longer, dance unto your Lord and Savior!† Praise his name, for his anger is turned away and He has comforted you! By his offering He has perfected you!† Celebrate your liberty!† Pay tribute to your Lamb of God!


O Palestine, let your salvation now become a Penetrating Beacon that burns brightly before this wicked and depraved generation.† Before the entire world, show praises and rejoices in your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob, for great is the Holy One of Israel in the midst of you.† Yes!† Exalt the Lord Jesus Christ!† You shall now be known as The Holy People, The Redeemed of the Lord!† Prophetic Palestine fulfilled!


As you dedicate your own Eighth Day unto the Lord, this day shall become your Ninth Day and, you shall learn to celebrate it as the very beginning of the Palestinian Millennium! This is your Jubilee Emancipation from Ashkenazi Satanism! That you have come forth from your Diaspora, to be released from the bondage to sin, that you now dedicate yourselves to possess your High Calling in Service to the King over all the Earth!† Your hearts shall now be enlarged to his service.† As you become the Lordís trees of righteousness, the feeblest among you shall become as David, and Jerusalem shall now be called, Sought Out, A City Not Forsaken!


As such, enter your prophetic Feast of Tabernacles!† Enter your Consecration and Service unto the Lordís work before all nations!† As your God reigns over all nations, you shall now become THE STRONG NATION to govern the Palestinian Millennium!


And as your Eighth Day of Jubilee passes unto the Ninth, it shall become as eternal; this is your promised salvation, your everlasting Promised Land, for this is the Lordís Covenant with you, O Zion of Palestine: My Holy Spirit and my Word shall never again depart from you, henceforth and forever, amen. THIS DOCTRINE IS ETERNAL.


As this Ninth Day commences your Jubilee Restoration of Prophetic Palestine, and thus, the fulfillment of your prophetic Feast of Tabernacles, it shall become a holy day unto you and your Lord, as the beginning of the RESTORATION OF GODíS KINGDOM ON EARTH ó FIRST FRUITS OF THE RIFE CNWO.