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   Firstfruits of the

Christian New World Order 



The Texas Reformation


This new release picks up and builds upon the historical foundation which was firmly established in The Rife Summation.  We have now entered the last 700 days of our Republic, hence it is time for the Lord to begin to divide out his people prior to wrath.  In this book I firmly identify the contemporary economic, political, and religious trends, then contrast them into a matrix which is only identifiable to the keen eye, enjoying the unction of the Holy Spirit, as anointed by the Lord Jesus Christ.


The message is simple: God has a plan to bring this epoch to an end and He will now implement his Plan, overriding man’s contrary designs.  First, He will now move to restore the Remnant of his people, centering his Move in the Heart of the Bible Belt, and focusing on the Great State of Texas.  It is here that the superior forces of Christ will now banish the forces of Antichrist.


As He removes, revives, reforms, and restores his people, setting up their shelter for deliverance from wrath, He will simultaneously begin formal judgment proceedings, beginning in San Francisco.  This city is the lynch pin which will pull down the entire economic house of cards, as God will introduce increasingly severe judgments against this city of provocation.


As in my first book, I name names and indict their crimes, while at the same time showing the believer to the way of safety and deliverance from the catastrophic times which will now befall this terminal generation.  This is a must read for all who wish to tune in to the very Heartbeat of God and his Handiwork in bringing his own people to safety, while preparing the wicked for his wrath.







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America is under attack by a cabal of globalists who are currently waging a coup de etat against our government.  This conspiracy continues with the treasonist efforts to remove President Trump from office.  The Rife Prosecution is the formal indictment, naming and numbering the key members and their organizations which comprise this criminal cabal, as it is now waging war against the American people and our Constitution.  (The very cabal which has poisoned the world with the ZIO BIO biological weapon inflicting the nations.)


War has been declared when the U.S. was attacked on 9-11-2001, not by Arabs, rather by this secret cabal, which Rife fully identifies, indicts, and prepares for prosecution.  The globalist elite and their deep state conspirators, as well as foreign spy agencies, are currently plotting their final coup against the Republic.  Since 1776, these globalist bankers have waged their campaign against our burgeoning Republic, and now they are moving in for the kill.  Will they be successful?


As God is sovereign, even Satan and his key players serve his superlative purpose.  And while the globalists believe they are taking America down to establish their new world order; in the larger context, they have accomplished no more than to prove American apostasy, hypocrisy, and guilt.  America has made a conscious decision to depart from the God of the Founders.  The globalists are no more than the Sieve of God proving America’s guilt before God.


Rife documents and indicts this globalist conspiracy and proves that it is stillborn – the new world order is dead on arrival.  From here unto the climax of events, the Rife Prosecution takes commanding control, managing these last days per the prophetic Word, as contained in the Holy Bible.  With the globalist takeover of America, the nation is judged and prepared for wrath.


Rife proves God’s plan to offer deliverance from wrath to all with ears to hear the Rife Warning.  Time is of the essence; once the righteous are removed to safety, Rife will commence to call forth judgment against the globalists and their new world order.  And while Rife proves the demise of the globalist NWO, he launches the advent of the Christian New World Order, beginning in the Great State of Texas.


This book is a must-read for all saints who wish to comply with God’s plan to terminate this age, and want to enter the New Age which will now commence.  Safety is assured to those who Follow the Rife Dictates for Deliverance.  As you number with the Saints, your immediate action is now required, to assure your deliverance from the wrath which Rife will now call forth against this raging Babylon – creation of the cabalist treasonists – known as the American Sisters of Sodom.



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